“Welcome to the Ballroom”

Hi! Welcome back to my page. Hope you all are having a nice day/night. As I was scrolling through the new animes of the summer, I stumbled upon Ballroom e Youkoso. For some reason it gave me a "Yuri on Ice" vibe and I was wondering if it was just me or are there similarities? … Continue reading “Welcome to the Ballroom”

Erased Opening Analysis

Cover Image Update: There was some error in this post (blank page) so I fixed it. I think it's due to the pictures so refer to the youtube video (somehow find the opening) and read along with my opinions about the opening. Boku Dake ga Inai Machi OP/ Opening :Re Welcome back to my page! … Continue reading Erased Opening Analysis


I'm a new blogger but hopefully you share similar interests with me about anime. Please share with other anime watchers and enjoy the content. I post reviews, recommendations, music suggestions, articles about my life as a SEMI-otaku. I will be busy during the school year but feel free to message and request articles and such. … Continue reading Welcome!

My Anime Summer

Hi! This post will basically be about my summer of anime and my "reviews" for them. I finished eight animes but wish I could finish more. Currently I am watching Kakegurui and Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo (is it wrong to be watching multiple animes at the same time???). Although I wasn't "efficient" with my … Continue reading My Anime Summer

Evangelion Rant (spoiler)

OK so primarily this is just a rant. Literally I have no fricken idea what i just watched... a lot of people also "agreed" with me since the whole thing was just mindblowing. Honestly, having watched both the movies and finished the anime series, I feel bad for Shinji like hardcore. Especially in Evangelion: 3.0 … Continue reading Evangelion Rant (spoiler)